Chairman Liu Interviewed by SCTV

  September 3rd, Standing Committee member of the CPPCC, Board Chairman of Tongwei Group, Mr. Liu Hanyuan was interviewed by Sichuan TV’s special program “A Tale of Springtime”. This program reports representative events and figures that reflect the 60 years achievements since the founding of People’s Republic of China. For this edition, Chairman Liu was interviewed about the stories of how he came up with the ideas with his invention of metal cage culture and the structure in running water stream. Thanks to this technique, the output of fish culture per unit area largely increased in Sichuan. The once unreachable price of fish was greatly brought down and became acceptable for common peopel. Also from there, Mr. Liu started thinking about his business transit from purely fish culture to aquaculture feed. In this sense, it has brought revolutionary changes to China’s aquaculture, and also gave impetus to the initiation and development of China’s aquaculture feed industry.

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