The First Cell Panel of the High-performance c-Si Solar Cell Project at the S2 Workshop of TW Solar Pengshan Base Phase I Successfully Rolled off the Production Line

On August 14, it was a moment of excitement at the S2 high-performance crystalline silicon solar cell workshop of the first phase of the TW Solar Pengshan Base. Amidst enthusiastic applause and cheers, the first cell panel successfully rolled off the production line in the S2 workshop of the Pengshan Base. Gu Feng, the General Manager Assistant of TW Solar Pengshan Base, gathered together with the senior management team and employee representatives to witness this milestone moment.

Group photo

"Starting the project is like a sprint, and the start is the decisive battle." The timely completion of the first cell panel in the S2 workshop of the Pengshan Base Phrase I not only reflects TW Solar's high starting point and high requirements, but also embodies the company's motto of "striving to be at the forefront of the industry." From the installation, commissioning, and optimization of all equipment in 15 processes since the arrival of the first device, to the first successful production start on August 14, when the first cell panel was successfully rolled off, it marks the victory of the S2 workshop in the preparation stage, and also signifies the official start of the production "battle". During the whole process of preparation, all the employees of the S2 workshop adhered to the excellent style of Tongwei, and fully demonstrated their superb execution, coordination and pressure resistance. The S2 workshop is embarking on a new journey at a speed that is constantly changing, which undoubtedly demonstrated the "Tongwei speed" once again. 

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