TW Solar Shuangliu Base Successfully Included on the List of "2023 China Brand Evaluation Press Conference"

On May 11, the "Dialogue with the World and Create a Better Future - 2023 World Brand Moganshan Conference" organized by Xinhua News Agency, China Council for Brand Development, and China Appraisal Society and co-organized by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province was opened in Deqing, Zhejiang, at which the "2023 China Brand Evaluation" was released. The TW Solar Shuangliu Base successfully ranked 51st on the national energy and chemical industry list with the 887th brand strength and a brand evaluation of RMB 2.532 billion.

TW Solar Shuangliu Base ranks 51st on the energy and chemical industry list of the 2023 China Brand Evaluation

The public welfare "China Brand Evaluation Press Conference" that has been continuously held for ten years by the China Council for Brand Development together with authorities is an important measure to establish a brand evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics, create positive energy in Chinese brands, and promote Chinese brands to go global. In November 2022, the relevant application work for the TW Solar Shuangliu Base was officially started. The Company's brand value was comprehensively sorted out and showcased around financial indicators, quality management level, technological innovation ability, service guarantee ability, market influence, brand development environment, employee care, social welfare, and other aspects in the past four years. Ultimately, it stood out among the 1,068 brands participating in the evaluation and successfully ranked 51st on the energy and chemical industry list. 

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