The first cell of Tonghe New Energy's 15GW high-efficiency battery project successfully rolled off the assembly line

On November 10th, at 11:10 a.m., Tonghe New Energy's 15GW high-efficiency battery project ushered in an exciting new chapter in the history of energy storage. In the middle of cheers, Tonghe New Energy's first cell rolled off the production line! Zhou Dan, TW Solar Chairman and General Manager, Xiao Shengyi, Chief Operating Officer, Zhou Hua, Deputy General Manager, Song Xiao, Chief Financial Officer, Luo Xiaoyun and Guo Kuanxin, Tonghe New Energy General Manager Assistant, Chen Jun, TW Solar General Manager Assistant, persons responsible for relevant departments and on-site employees all witnessed the product rollout!

In the process of project construction, Tonghe New Energy has always insisted on grasping with two hands with equal strong strength, i.e., grasping the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control with one hand, and grasping the progress of the project with the other, setting a new record of 17 days from introducing the first equipment to the factory to the first cell rollout, breaking the Tongwei speed record once again.

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The Tonghe new energy battery project will fully adopt the most advanced industrial 5G communication technology and build in a digital workshop of an intelligent factory with core technologies such as the Internet of Things (including unmanned intelligent manufacturing in the workshop, digital management of the park), unmanned warehousing and logistics, 5G, and big data mining. Tongwei's high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing capacity will expand with the rollout of the first cell, further solidifying and enhancing Tongwei's leadership position in the worldwide solar cell industry.

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