The 4th China International Photovoltaic Industry Summit Forum 2021 is about to Open, and the Important Guests are Revealed in Advance!

From  September 9th to 10th , 2021The 4th China International Photovoltaic Industry Summit Forum will be held in Chengdu Tongwei International Center.The BBS use “New Era of Zero Carbon New Journey of PV" as the theme, all the guests from different walks of life such as PV industry administration, the production, study and research will be gathered and talk about the global energy transformation, carbon neutral in the era of development opportunities, macro China's national conditions, such as photovoltaic (pv) of new energy industry development trend and the future prospect dimension, depth interpretation of photovoltaic industry development environment,  Jointly explore the development path of the industry, and boost the photovoltaic industry to achieve high-quality development in a wider range, deeper degree and at a higher level.

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