Tongwei’s Chunyuan “Golden Card” Pig on Market

  Following the successful completion of first batch pilot in 2006, the Sichuan RFID Live Pig Project, part of the national Golden Card Progam, undertaken jointly by Tongwei Corp’s Chengdu Chun Yuan Food Co and Sichuan Dingtian RFID TechSystem Development, started selling products in large quantities at the 10 “Golden Card Pig” specialty stores of Chun Yuan Food in Chengdu on Februray 28. This marked that Chengdu citizens could start to benefit from the results of the Sichuan RFID Live Pig Project.

  The national Golden Card Pogram is a systematic effort to upgrade the comprehensive information management level and social operation efficiency on the basis of the modern computer and communication technologies, via the media of bank cards and RFID electronic tags and by means of the computer network and mobile communication network. Obviously, Chun Yuan’s “Golden Card Pig” got its name from this program. The application of the RFID electronic tag technology helped create the preliminary pattern for transmission, storage, analysis, inquiry and management of agricultural information―a big change to the traditional breeding management which can promote the regulation, scale growth, standardization, internationalization and sustainability of pig breeding of various companies. As a result, consumers may have access to real safe and assuring pork in the market.

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