Double breakthroughs! Tongwei sets the new module power record in the world!

TW Solar Yancheng Base

Now, Tongwei has two product lines, one for HJT module, which is named THC; the other for TNC, i.e. modules of TOPCon series. Among the products, the heterojunction module that broke the power record this time is another major progress after the highest output power of 762.79 W and photoelectric conversion efficiency of 24.56% were also achieved on April 29 this year.

Since Tongwei began to plan to develop and launch its HJT technology, it has been advancing rapidly. In 2021, Tongwei built the first GW-class HJT production line in China; and in January 2023, it completed the development of the first bifacial microcrystalline in the industry. It is worth noting that Tongwei is also the first enterprise to adopt copper interconnection (THL) technology, which is also an important way for the development of heterojunction modules in the future. Data show that the THC module has higher bifaciality, the lowest temperature coefficient of -0.26%/℃, 1% attenuation in the first year, no more than 0.375% attenuation every year, and no less than 88% output power after 30 years. In order to better develop the HJT technology, Tongwei established HJT pilot test and mass production production lines in Hefei, Anhui and Jintang, Sichuan, respectively, so as to verify the advancement of the technology. At the same time, Tongwei is also committed to applying HJT technology to large-scale production.

During this whole period, Tongwei has made many breakthroughs in the HJT technology. Since 2023, Tongwei has refreshed the world record of heterojunction module power for the 8th time. The breaking speed of the world record and the great progress of its module power prove the great potential of the high-efficiency module product power of Tongwei, and show that it will bring more technical possibilities to the industry.

Intelligent manufacturing production line of TW Solar Yancheng Base

At present, Tongwei has carried out R&D and testing on TOPCon, HJT and XBC technologies , and even perovskite, which represents the "future technology" n the PV industry. In terms of TOPCon, Tongwei independently developed the first PECVD poly line for mass production of TOPCon and the industry's first large-size copper interconnection (THL) technology in 2023. Moreover, it has also built pilot test lines of mainstream technologies in new battery cell and module industries.

On April 1 this year, according to the test of authoritative certification body-TÜV Rheinland, the front side power of Topcon 182-72 module (TOPCON) of Tongwei reached 613.2 W in the standard size of 2278*1134 mm, which was about 20 W higher than that of the same module on the market, and the conversion efficiency reached as high as 23.74%. In this time, the highest output power of TNC 210 high-efficiency modules reached 743.2 W, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency touched 23.93%, which was the 3rd time that Tongwei achieved a new high in TNC series products in this aspect. On April 10-26, the new TNC-G12R/G12 modules of TW Solar were successfully rolled off the production line in its Nantong base, Hefei base and Yancheng base respectively. At present, the TNC of Tongwei, i.e. TOPCon's new 210 series 210R and 210N modules, has fully demonstrated the advantages of TNC technology and its efficiency. In this way, the products related to industry and commerce and ground power stations can enter the 600 w+ era, and the power of 210N-66 modules has reached 700 w+.

Tongwei module supports the Datang Water and Light Complementary Project in Baisong, Sichuan in energy supply

With its own high-quality and high-purity crystalline silicon, high-efficiency cells and intelligent manufacturing in the whole industrial chain, Tongwei has significantly improved the performance of its TNC modules in terms of power output, bifaciality and temperature coefficient, increased the power generation of modules under the same installed area and effectively reduced the kilowatt-hour cost of PV projects. Meanwhile, Tongwei module has a high degree of system adaptability and can be compatible with all the mainstream PV supporting products on the market. Through meticulous product design in various aspects, it reduces the time and economic cost of customers in the planning and construction of PV power stations.

TNC module has been applied in various projects, and has outstanding performance in several projects, such as Huadian Tibet Lhasa Maizhokunggar 100 MW Agro-PV Power Generation Project, Tunchang Pengrun 50 MW Agro-PV Power Generation Project, and Datang Shuoquhe Quxue Hydropower Station. Since these projects are scattered in different areas of China and cover various climatic conditions and application scenarios, it can be seen that Tongwei TNC products are efficient and reliable, leading in technology, and can maintain stable operation in extreme environments such as cold, damp heat, sandstorm and high corrosion. With excellent performance to ensure customer value, Tongwei TNC products support and ensure stable project power generation.

On November 30, 2023, Tongwei Global Innovation R&D Center was formally launched in Shuangliu, Chengdu, and is under construction currently. The center, equipped with mainstream future technologies covering almost all solar cells and modules, is the engine for leading the development of cutting-edge technologies for the industry and cultivating new PV productivity. In the eyes of Deputy to the NPC, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman Liu Hanyuan of the board of directors of Tongwei Group, this is the traction point for Tongwei to find direction, prevent risks, position the market and develop mainstream technologies for the Company in the next 5 years, 10 years or even longer. Therefore, it has been built into an innovative landmark that matches the status of the industry and aims at an excellent national enterprise technology center.

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