TW Solar Technology Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

On May 20, TW Solar Technology celebrated its 2nd anniversary at the Yancheng base. Liu Hanyuan, Deputy to the NPC, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tongwei Group, sent a congratulatory letter to TW Solar Technology. The ceremony was attended by Qi Congfeng, Vice Mayor of Yancheng City, Liu Shuqi, Chairperson and CEO of Tongwei Co., Ltd., Xiao Shengyi, Assistant President of Tongwei Co., Ltd., and General Manager of TW Solar Technology, Zhou Yong, Information Director of Tongwei Co., Ltd., Yi Jicheng, HR Director of Tongwei Co., Ltd., Feng Chang, Administrative Director of Tongwei Co., Ltd., Qiu Xin, Global Marketing Manager of PV Modules Business Department of Tongwei Co., Ltd., and other leaders and guests. TW Solar Technology’s various base management teams and employee representatives also participated in the celebration. Employees in TW Solar Technology’s bases watched the live broadcast online, witnessing this momentous occasion together.

Chairman Liu Hanyuan expressed warm congratulations and sincerely thanked all the frontline employees of TW Solar Technology and their families who silently supported them in his congratulatory letter. He mentioned that TW Solar Technology keeps pace with the times, continuously adapts to changes, and has successfully won numerous battles through united efforts, firmly established its position in the intense market competition, and earned respect and recognition both inside and outside the sector with outstanding achievements. Looking ahead to the new journey, Chairman Liu Hanyuan emphasized the importance of reaching for the stars with unwavering confidence and remaining down-to-earth while maintaining strategic focus. With the spirit of seizing every minute, we must diligently hone our own capabilities, focus on innovation, quality, and management, work even harder to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and further tap into our potential by new methods. He urged all employees of TW Solar Technology to take the 2nd anniversary as a new starting point, shoulder the mission of “PV Changes the World”, prioritize efficiency, strive for excellence, stay proactive, and work together towards a bright future, so that a new chapter of development for TW Solar Technology through practical actions can be unfolded.

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