Cheer for the Energy Transition! "Voice of the Two Sessions" from Deputy Liu Hanyuan Highlighted By CCTV and SCTV

Liu Hanyuan, Deputy to the NPC, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tongwei Group, made several proposals during the Two Sessions based on the development of the overall energy storage system. He suggested that private enterprises invest in PV power plants in a fair business environment, actively offered suggestions to help China implement the "Double Carbon" Initiative, and cheered for the energy transition. Deputy Liu Hanyuan's proposals and ideas have been covered by CCTV-1 News, CCTV-1 Evening News, CCTV-2 Economic News, CCTV-4 China News, CCTV-4 Global News, SCTV Sichuan News, and SCTV Today's Viewpoint.

Deputy Liu Hanyuan's Presence in the Conference from CCTV-1 News

The theme reports "Two Sessions in the Critical Year" and "Focus on China's Two Sessions" were introduced by CCTV-1 Evening News, and CCTV-4 China News and Global News, respectively, on the evening of March 8, which address "The Way to Achieve Green and Low-carbon Development". The Government Work Report lists the acceleration of the development of new productivity boosters as the top priority. It also states that one of the main objectives for this year is to build an ecological civilization and to promote green and low-carbon development. Deputies offered suggestions actively based on the methods to help enterprises achieve green low-carbon transformation and high-quality development.

During the speech, Liu Hanyuan expressed his confidence in green development, citing the PV industry's rapid development as evidence. China's PV industry has fully realized a near-zero carbon and low-carbon green manufacturing chain, from industrial silicon to polysilicon, and then to silicon wafers, cells, and modules. This chain can effectively deal with the carbon tariffs and barriers imposed by the EU on carbon, and eventually achieve global applications. Pumped storage power plants, which embrace affordable energy storage costs and long operational life, can handle the unstable power produced by the new energy. It is not difficult with China's current manufacturing capacity and industrial base. As power batteries and energy storage batteries develop very rapidly, the price per kWh has decreased from thousands of RMB to between RMB 500 and 800. We have been impressed by the improvements, including the advancement of technology, the increase in scale, the decrease in costs, and the pace of development in all areas.

According to Deputy Liu Hanyuan, China's ability to maintain its position as a global powerhouse and expand its influence will be positively impacted by the development of new energy and new quality productivity forces. As the economy develops, we should work to keep promoting the spirit of striving rather than encouraging people to lie flat. It is also necessary to improve people's expectations and encourage consumption.

Liu Hanyuan's Speech Presented by CCTV-4 China News and CCTV-2 Economic News

The forces will act as a potent engine to promote the development and popularization of new energy and ensure national energy security, according to Liu Hanyuan, who made this statement in response to the topic of "How to Develop New Quality Productivity Forces Based on Local Conditions" on the evening of March 9 on CCTV-2 Economic News. With the addition of 220 million kW of PV installations last year, 300 billion kW of electricity can be produced annually, which is the same amount of energy as 100 million tons of oil used for driving. As problems with automobiles, internal combustion engines, and shipping are resolved, China's oil imports can be significantly decreased and the country's foreign exchange and energy security can be further enhanced.

Exclusive Interview with Liu Hanyuan Presented by SCTV Sichuan News

During the Two Sessions, following General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Jiangsu Delegation Deliberation Conference, how to use a significant move in Sichuan to stimulate the vitality of innovation became the topic of intense discussions among the entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province. The special theme report "Report to the General Secretary" of SCTV Sichuan News carried out an exclusive interview with Deputy Liu Hanyuan. According to Deputy Liu Hanyuan, the General Secretary's speech, which particularly highlighted "accelerating the improvement of property rights protection," impressed him. The public should concentrate on particular issues in the current high-quality development, such as how to promote innovation, research, and R&D, and how to safeguard these endeavors' accomplishments. We believe that the General Secretary's proposal, which aims to strengthen intellectual property rights protection, is very practical and focused.

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