Xinhua News Agency’s Outlook Weekly Focuses on Tongwei’s Strength in Technology Innovation and Green Development

Along with the Rise of Green Development, the Upstream Area of the Yangtze River Strives to Be the Destination for Upstream Enterprises in the Industry

According to the output data of major industrial products from January to May 2024 released by the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Statistics on June 18, the output of monocrystalline silicon increased by 115.1%, polycrystalline silicon by 53.6%, and lithium-ion cells by 95.1%, compared with that in the same period last year. Zeng Junlin, Deputy Director-General and Spokesperson of the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Statistics, stated that, in recent years, Sichuan has played a crucial role in optimizing Sichuan’s energy structure, improved energy efficiency, and accelerated the cultivation of new quality productive forces through frequent efforts made in green and low-carbon advantageous industries, especially in power batteries and crystalline silicon photovoltaics.

In the production base of Sichuan Yongxiang New Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yongxiang Co., Ltd., the garden-style factory area is lush with green grass. Production workshops and large-scale installations are interspersed in a well-organized manner. In the central control room, data from nearly 20,000 control points and over 1,900 cameras converge and present analysis results in real-time. Meanwhile, the safety and efficiency of production are improved through automated decision-making and control systems.

Yongxiang New Energy specializes in the R&D and production of high-purity crystalline silicon. “Through years of continuous technological innovation, the company’s products are highly trusted by customers since the product indicators can meet the internationally advanced level and.” The person in charge of Sichuan Yongxiang New Energy Co., Ltd. introduced that the company’s Phase I and Phase II projects are currently operating in full swing.

The PV Industrial Park in Wutongqiao Economic Development Zone, Leshan, Sichuan, where Yongxiang New Energy is located, is the core area for Leshan to build the “Green Silicon Valley in China”. Currently, half of the top 10 enterprises in the global crystalline silicon PV field have established a presence here. In 2023, Leshan’s crystalline silicon PV industry achieved an output value of RMB 78.46 billion, with the capacity of silicon material accounting for over 17% of the global total.

With the Innovation Power, Tongwei Achieves High Development Quality through Critical Variables.

The green new energy industry is a representative industry of new quality productive forces, characterized by green, intelligent, and high-end features.

Since March, Tongwei Group, a Fortune Global 500 company headquartered in Chengdu, has seen a series of victories. Its production bases in Jintang and Meishan have launched new TOPCon products one after another, successively breaking industry records. As a leading company in the PV sector, Tongwei has realized a vertical integration layout from high-purity crystalline silicon production in the upstream, the production of efficient solar cell panels and modules in the midstream, to the construction and operation of PV power stations at the terminal.

“Technological innovation is the core element of developing new quality productive forces. We should focus on technological innovation as a key point of effort, continuously enhance the innovation chain of China’s new energy industry, and form a new green sustainable economic momentum,” stated Liu Hanyuan, Chairman of Tongwei Group. For many years, Tongwei has always closely followed national strategies, prioritizing technological innovation in the company’s development and making innovative breakthroughs through actions.

Yongxiang Co., Ltd., under the brand of Tongwei, has built a new production line with a large single-unit scale and technological integration. By 2023, the annual production capacity of high-purity crystalline silicon has exceeded 450,000 tons. Thanks to the independently developed “Yongxiang Process”, the product purity has reached 11N. Currently, the “Yongxiang Process” has iterated to the eighth generation and is ready for the ninth generation. Electronic-grade polycrystalline silicon has been exported overseas in batches, realizing high-purity crystalline silicon’s “Intelligent Manufacturing in China”.

On June 6, Tongwei Global Innovation R&D Center’s first cell rolled off the production line successfully. The technology of this first cell production originates from Tongwei’s independent research and development of a gigawatt-level copper interconnect pilot test over two and a half years, overcoming key core technologies such as 15μm fine copper busbar mass production technology, flexible contact continuous electroplating, and copper busbar heterojunction solar cell interconnection, in addition to industry-leading gigawatt-level heterojunction pilot test line, achieving the organic combination of new technologies.

(Outlook, Issue 28, 2024)

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