Message From Chairman  

As time goes by, god helps those who help themselves. After forty-two years of fighting and endeavour, Tongwei has become the biggest aquatic feed manufacturer in the world and a dominating beasts and birds feed manufacturer in China. At the same time of trying best to expand and constantly perfecting aquatic and beasts and birds industrial chain to dedicate itself to the strategic target of building world-level healthy and safe food supplier, Tongwei also consciously bears the historic responsibility of promoting the green sustainable development of human, steadily enters into the high-purity polycrystalline silicon and solar photovoltaic industry, and commits itself to building a world-level new clean energy supplier. In addition to quickening the development of two main businesses of green agriculture and green energy, Tongwei Group actively expands relevant moderate diversification fields, and keeps good and brisk development trend in pet food, architecture, real estate and other industries.

The performance Tongwei achieved today comes from the concern, support and assistance of different leaders and friends of different levels and circles in the society, and is the crystallization growing out of all Tongwei people’s hard working and brave fighting, which condenses everybody’s wisdom and sweat, and deserves all Tongwei people’s delight and pride and keeping trying for it.

In this era full of opportunity and challenge, we will insist the enterprise tenet of “pursue excellence, contribute to the society” as always, observe the operation principle of “Honesty, trust, fairness and Excellence” unswervingly, and unite wholeheartedly, have high morale, advance courageously to push Tongwei’s business to a higher platform and wider world with the persistent enterprise mission and value appeal of “building world-level healthy and safe food supplier and world-level clean energy supplier”.

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