Chairman Xie Yi expresses gratitude to teachers on the Teacher’s Day

If I can fly against the blue sky, it is you who gave me wings to take off
If I am a warrior against the waves,it is you who gave me strength to ride the tide!
Thanks for leading me from ignorance to cognition,
 to see the wonderful world.
Thank you for guiding me from naivety to maturity
 to appreciate the surging of the world.
Learn the word, study the words and emulate the action.
Do not forget the teacher's kindness,
Thousands of words come to thankfulness only!

In the autumn of September full of sweet-scented osmanthus, the thirty-third teachers' day in the whole country came quietly. Teachers are the engineers of human soul. Everyone can not grow up without the teacher's earnest instruction, hospitality and selfless dedication.
Along the way, the growth and development of Tongwei solar has been inseparable from the help and support of teachers. It is their mission to help the development of Tongwei solar.On the occasion of the 33rd Teacher's Day, Chairman of Tongwei Solar,Xie Yi, at the age of 33,together with all the staff, expressed his sincere thanks to all the teachers who had come all the way to offer their support and help.

A student will believe in teachings only when he gets close to his teacher. "However big your heart is, however big your career will be; However big your career is, however big your heart will be." according to Mr. Liu Hanyuan, chairman of Tongwei Group. The then 29-year-old chairman of Tongwei Solar started from scratches and devoted himself to the completely unfamiliar new energy industry. In just a few years, he turned a new company of only 87 people into a large enterprise with more than 3,200 employees. He made Tongwei Solar a top-notch company towards excellence. From the largest scale to the strongest level of integrated management,TWS has become the industry leader, one of the best, constantly creating new records in the photovoltaic industry.

"Enterprise" is the congregation of people,without which it comes to an end. In the past 35 years, Tongwei has regarded talent as its most valuable asset.In order to strengthen the training of talent, better inherit Tongwei’s corporate culture and serve Tongwei's strategic objectives, Tongwei Solar, relying on Tongwei's profound cultural background and industry influence, relying on Tongwei's perfect business system, successful management practice and management wisdom, set up photovoltaic school of Tongwei Universityon on May 18, 2017. It strives to provide source of power for the company’s development, strengthen its internal talent training, build a reasonable talent echelon, and transport outstanding  talent for Tongwei Group’s upstream and downstream industrial chain.
The earth has ends, yet the grace of teachers are endless. Thousands of words unspoken with only thankfulness! Under the guidance of Chairman Liu, Tongwei Solar will strive for the blueprint of "2020 Double Ten Plan" with earnest instructions from the teachers. The company will strive to become the world-class solar photovoltaic enterprise and world-class clean energy company.


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