NPC deputies visit TWS Hefei

September 11, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of Anhui Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, Deputy Director Zhan Xialai led a group of deputies to the National People's Congress of Anhui Province to TW Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. to carry out a special research on “promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry”.

Accompanied by Wang Wensong, Vice Mayor of Hefei city, Party group member, Secretary of the Party Labor Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of the New Station Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhang and the delegation received warm welcome from Xie Taihong, Chief Operating Officer of Tongwei Solar(Hefei) Co., Ltd..
The NPC delegates first went to Hefei P5 high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell production workshop for a visit. They had a thorough understanding of Tongwei solar cell’s production process and the current capacity of various workshops. Deputies to the NPC spoke highly of the introduction of highly efficient automation equipment as well as strict and standardized field management at Hefei workshop.Subsequently, they went to the exhibition hall to learn more about the 35-year development history of Tongwei Group and its development status of new energy industry chain. They were interested in the innovative achievements of Tongwei Group in the coordinated development of the two main businesses.
 During the investigation, Mr. Xie reported to NPC deputies and delegates the operation of Hefei in the first half of 2017 and the construction plan of the second phase project which is about to start. He also introduced the innovative R&D measures and new product structure of the company in detail.
The NPC deputies unanimously agreed that Tongwei Group is a model for thriving private enterprises. They appreciated Tongwei Group's achievements over the years and its steady management capability. They hoped that Tongwei Group would continue to fulfill its social responsibility and give full play to its leading and exemplary role in the industry. At the same time, they also hoped that Tongwei Solar would play a leading and exemplary role in the photovoltaic industry. It is hoped, under the severe situation of the industry, TW would continue to give full play to its industrial advantages, constantly lock in targets, and explore new ways of innovation and development. The delegation looked forward to new development and breakthrough by Tongwei Solar in the field of photovoltaics.

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