Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd. launched Lean Creativity Month activity

In order to achieve the company's  objective of comprehensive "lean management", create an atmosphere of lean management, and quickly promote the building of lean management system. On August 28, Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd. launched Lean Creativity Month activity.The activity is jointly promoted by Photovoltaic School of Tongwei University and Quality Departments of TWS Chengdu and Hefei.

Lean creativity projects start proposal submission

Lean Creativity Month focuses on lean projects,and individual’s business improvement at the working post.Each approved Lean Creativity Proposal is given a cash reward of 50 yuan. Double reward of evaluation and reward according to the "TQM Continuous Management Measures" is given after implementation and review.Employees are encouraged to give proposals in “lowering cost, improving  efficiency, improving quality,shortening delivery time, improving safety, and reducing risks”,as well as other maneuverable work proposals in improving
production,operation and management.They are also encouraged to give work suggestions and innovations that can bring benefits to the company.

The excellent lean project proposals will be displayed at Tongwei 35th anniversary celebration. At the same time, relevant departments of TWS Hefei and Chengdu will continue to carry out Lean Project Monthly activities in September. Consulting companies will be invited to TWS Hefei and Chengdu to carry out improvement projects on Lean Production Management, so as to reduce costs, improve quality, shorten delivery time, improve safety, and successfully achieve the goal of obtaining maximum capacity and maximum profit with minimum investment.

It is understood that the activity is the second phase of the lean management activity series. Prior to this, TWS Hefei and Chengdu formally launched the first phase of lean popularization month on August 1. TWS Hefei and Chengdu have carried out activities to learn knowledge about lean production management,including first-level training courses(for designated personnel of each department)at the online learning platform of the photovoltaic school of Tongwei University,and second-level courses organized by each respective department.By then,  online examinations will be held for all the staff to consolidate their knowledge.

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