PV School starts "Sharing&'8226;Co-prosperity" Teachers&'39; Day activity for internal trainers

Since the inception of Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu,there have been more than 300 managers and technical backbone employees giving lectures to staff, among who 205 were from Hefei,and 98 were from Chengdu.The lessons were given for a total of 1896 times. Among them, the number of lectures given by single trainer was up to 70 times.After assessment and evaluation, the PV School has more than 40 certified internal trainers.In the past year, the teachers of photovoltaic school have not only done well their duty and responsibilities, but also have done well in their teaching with full passion and personal charm to transmit wisdom, impart knowledge, and resolve doubts for employees.They have trained a number of outstanding talents for the company. They deserve respect and appreciation from all Tongwei people.

The annual Teacher’s Day is approaching. In order to promote the spirit of sharing, growing and helping among internal trainers, and fully embody the company’s recognition of internal trainers in knowledge sharing,talent training,team co-prosperity supporting and company development propelling, meanwhile, in order to promote the sense of recognition, belonging and glory of internal trainers in the company, the PV School of Tongwei University prepared and carried out Teacher’s Day activity of "sharing and co-prosperity" for internal trainers. The event will be officially unveiled on September 8, 2017 at Tongwei solar Hefei and Chengdu.

Teacher’s Day activity for internal trainers

The activity will be presented from three sectors:
1. Profound respect for teachers: In order to show respect for internal trainers, the PV School will prepare a holiday gift package for every outstanding lecturer, and present it to them by representatives of relevant leaders of the PV School.

2. Love for Teachers: In order to express gratitude and respect for the trainers, the PV School will prepare a thank-you letter for the outstanding lecturers, and initiate an activity to freely express gratitude for teachers throughout the plant area.

3.knowledge impartment: In order to attract more excellent employees who are interested in becoming internal trainers, expand the team of internal trainers, and lay a solid foundation for the training and growth of employees, the PV School will organize internal trainers to recruit new applicants on the day of the event.

Bing Xin once said, "Love is on the left side, and responsibility on the right. Walking on both sides of the road of life, sowing seeds at any time, blooming at any time, embellishing this long-distance path with fragrance of flowers, so that the students who wear branches and brush leaves, are treading on thorns yet with no feeling of pains, tears can flow, but they still feel happy." May our teachers always have  happiness around. Loyal heart reflects the sun and moon; Absolute sincerity pours out full blossoms. Hereby, on behalf of the company and all staff, I would like to say to the trainers: Happy holiday! You have worked hard!

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