Vice chairman of the CPPCC Sichuan committee Zhang Yudong visits TWS Chengdu

July 10, Zhang Yudong, Vice Chairman of China Association for Democracy Promotion Central Committee,Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Sichuan Committee, Chairman of the CPC Sichuan Committee, President of the Chengdu Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. for inspection and survey. Wang Hailin, Director of  Economy Committee of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, Vice-Director of Decision-making Advisory Committee of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and Provincial Government,Zhu Zhihong, deputy secretary of Chengdu municipal Party committee,Dai Xiaoyan, vice chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, Li Delong, chairman of the CPPCC Shuangliu District Committee.
He Xingchuan, standing committee of the CPC Shuangliu District Committee,deputy secretary of the Party group of Shuangliu District Committee, deputy governor of the district government, accompanied Zhang for the visit.The visitors received warm welcome from Huang Qigang,Vice President of Tongwei Group and  Xie Yi, Chairman of Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

Vice Chairman Zhang Yudong visited S1 Cell Workshop

Chairman Xie gave a briefing to Vice Chairman Zhang Yudong and his delegation on the development of Tongwei Group, with an emphasis on Tongwei’s new energy business and the construction of Shuangliu Phase II project.Chairman Xie said, as the world’s only leading enterprise involved in both agriculture and new energy, Tongwei has formed China’s most complete new photovoltaic energy industry chain with independent intellectual property rights, including upstream polysilicon production, midstream solar cell production, and terminal photovoltaic power station construction.As the midstream of Tongwei’s new energy business chain, Tongwei Solar has achieved cells of 3300 MW and module capacity of 500 MW .It has become the world’s  professional crystalline silicon cell supplier with the largest shipment. At present, Tongwei Solar  (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Phase II project’s  production line of 2000 MW high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell is under full construction.It is planned to put into production this year, and will become China’s first high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell production project with fully automated unmanned production line.In the next three to five years, Tongwei Solar Cell will have a total cell capacity of 10,000 MW and a production output value of 20 billion yuan. By then, Tongwei Solar will become the world’s largest, most competitive and influential world-class solar cell manufacturer.

Vice chairman Zhang Yudong reading the latest issue of Tongwei Newspaper

During the visit, Vice Chairman Zhang Yudong also read freshly released Tongwei Newspaper.With the general introduction of VP Huang, Mr. Zhang paid special attention to the news on the front page that the development of Tongwei’s new energy business was speeding up. Both its volume and profit of agricultural and animal husbandry sectors were increasing. He also spoke highly of the steady development achievements of Tongwei Group in 35 years and its strong development momentum in its main businesses.  

Subsequently, Vice-Chairman Zhang Yudong visited the S1 cell workshop. During the visit, he inquired about the company’s technological innovation, production capacity and market layout at home and abroad, and spoke highly of  Tongwei’s advanced production technology and strict and efficient production management.Mr. Zhang Yudong said that Tongwei Solar Shuangliu 5GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon project is a major project in Chengdu. The first phase of the construction has created the "Chengdu speed" with remarkable results. As the leading enterprise of new energy industry in Sichuan Province, we hope that Tongwei Solar can seize the historical development opportunities and stand firm in confidence.The company should strive to accelerate the development of new energy industry, and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Sichuan.

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