Good news: continuous profitability for 35 consecutive months, a tribute to Tongwei’s 35th anniversary

As of the end of August 2017, good news from Tongwei Solar has been reported frequently.The company achieved profitable results for 35 consecutive months. At the very time of the 35th anniversary of Tongwei Group, while creating new records in the photovoltaic industry,Tongwei solar pays remarkable tribute to the 35th  anniversary of Tongwei Group.
In 2017, the photovoltaic market saw changes with great fluctuation. Some photovoltaic enterprises had insufficient operating rate.Some individual enterprises even had consecutive quarterly losses. Facing changeable and thrilling photovoltaic market, Tongwei Solar has always adhered to the development concept of "respecting the market, revering the market, keeping up with the market" of Mr. Liu Hanyuan, Chairman of Tongwei Group. Against the trend, Tongwei Solar has realized continuous profit for 35 consecutive months,with operating rate of 100% for 35 consecutive months. It also realized full production and sales for 35 consecutive months,setting new records in the PV market.

In addition to the records of the highest production rate and the lowest cost of cells in 2016, Tongwei solar’s single-month total output of cells rose to new highs in 2017, setting new records of cost data and production data for six consecutive months.

At the same time, the 2GW crystalline silicon cell production line of Chengdu Phase II project will be completed and put into operation on September 20. Its capacity scale and project volume are twice than that of Phase I, yet the construction cycle only takes seven months, refreshing "Tongwei Speed", "Shuangliu Speed”and "Chengdu Speed". Mainstream media such as Sichuan Daily and Chengdu Daily made specialized reports on project construction.The fully automated production line of the second phase is carrying out debugging in full swing for final commissioning.At that time,the second phase production line will be upgraded to full automatic unmanned manufacturing,which will take the lead in the global photovoltaic cell industry in the era of industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing. Meanwhile,the company speeds up building of the project as a "smart manufacturing" prototype in Chengdu. It takes the lead to realize digital workshop, intelligent plant, and "made in Chengdu" in clean energy.

In the past four years, Tongwei Solar has become a benchmark enterprise for many photovoltaic enterprises. It starts up from scratches, keeps up with market demand, continuously strengthens production management, actively promotes modernization and fine management,and fully improves product quality.The company's product quality won cell inspection exemption by the world's top five module plants and the best cell supplier for two consecutive years.With strict control of production costs and efficient operation, Tongwei cells’ non-silicon cost hits the lowest in the industry, reaching only 60% of the average non-silicon cost in cells published by China Photovoltaic Industry Association.

Adhering to market challenges without wavering,  adhering to self-criticism without wavering, adhering to daily progress of 1% without wavering. This is the cornerstone of Tongwei solar’s success. It is also where its core competitiveness comes from.Facing an environment of new market competition, Tongwei Solar employees insist on the work spirit of work with heart, work with wisdom, and work with the spirit of seizing every minute.TWS focuses on priorities and the trend with in-place execution and efficient operation. The company puts into practice the principle of "efficiency determines benefits, details determines success or failure, speed determines life or death", and tries to do its utmost to realize the year-round business objectives.It strives to turn in a satisfactory answer sheet to the industry, to TW Group and to the teams.

35 is an ordinary figure. Yet for the present Tongwei people, it is endowed with extraordinary meanings. As the 35th  anniversary of Tongwei Group is approaching, Tongwei Solar presents to TW Group with gratifying achievements of continuous profitability for 35 months. Never forgetting its initial inspiration, Tongwei Solar will be more enthusiastic and courageous on the way forward,and be more confident to keep the record of sustainable profits. It will accompany Tongwei Group at a fast pace into the future!

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