TWS photo competition successfully concluded

September 1, a series of exquisite photographs appeared in the exhibition hall of Tongwei Solar Hefei Company and the staff restaurant of Chengdu Company, attracting lots of employees to stop and appreciate.

The works on exhibition are excellent pieces from  "Looking for Positive Energy" by Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd..The works have a wide range of rich themes. There are documentary photos of hard working employees, showing the spirit of arduous employees from different angles;There are also pictures of beautiful views at the factory area,showing the company's beautiful and pleasant working environment from the perspective of employees; There are high-level photographs,expressing personal feelings and sentiments in the objects and scenery in the form of silhouette and backlight.

Excellent photography works attract employees to stop and enjoy.

The "Looking for Positive Energy" photographic contest has attracted extensive attention from employees of Hefei and Chengdu companies since its inception in mid-July.As of September 1, more than 30 pieces of photographic works submitted by various departments were received. After screening, 11 excellent works, such as Careful Patrol, Craftsman's Craftsmanship and The Most Beautiful Tongwei People, were finally selected for display.

The successful holding of this photography competition provides a platform for photographers to learn and promote themselves, enriches the amateur life of front-line employees, demonstrates the spirit of employee’s love and dedication for work, and promotes the long-term development of corporate culture building.

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