Deciphering industrial 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Sichuan daily again focuses on Tongwei solar

In August, Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Phase II project has become the leading role of the mainstream media coverage . Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Business Daily, Sichuan News Network, Shuangliu News and other mainstream media made special reports on the second phase project of Tongwei Solar. Chengdu Daily made two specialized reports on the second phase of the project in four days. At the same time, portal websites such as Sohu, and Netease News, wechat official public accounts such as Chengdu Industry and Informatization,official weibo accounts such as Chengdu Science and Technology have reprinted the construction of Tongwei Solar Phase II project, and praised the project for creating the "Chengdu speed". The latest issue of Sichuan Daily, which was published on September 1, again focused on the second phase project of Tongwei Solar .

"Sichuan Daily"’s special edition of "Chengdu Report" set up a "big project· construction" special program, with the title of "what does industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing look like? Tongwei Solar deciphers it for you ", and devoted a major section of the paper for graphical and textual coverage of Tongwei Solar’s Phase II project. The ariticle praised the second phase project once again for refreshing the"Chengdu speed",with its automation workshop and intelligent plant.

Sichuan daily again focuses on the second phase project of Tongwei solar.

The report, in the form of "project card", showed a panoramic view of the planning vision and periodical project progress of Tongwei solar’s production base in Chengdu. "Tongwei Solar Cell Production Base in Chengdu plans to build 5GW solar cells, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan. After completion, it will build a high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell production line with the world's largest production capacity. The project is divided into three phases.The first phase of 1GW cell project has been completed and put into production. The second phase of 2GW production line will be completed and put into production soon, and the third phase will be put into production within 2-3 years.

The article praised Tongwei Solar for its comprehensive display of Chengdu's 4.0 "Intelligent Manufacturing" and marveled at the fact that it had been completed and put into production in seven months despite of the doubling of its production capacity and engineering capacity. The project refreshes the "Chengdu Speed" again, according to the the introduction of the article. "“The second phase project of Tongwei Solar Cell Production Base in Chengdu renews Chengdu Speed again - its capacity and scale are twice than that of the first phase with a construction cycle of only seven months. In another 20 days, that is, on September 20, the second phase of the project will be formally completed and put into production.”It will exhibit the glamour of Chengdu industrial 4.0 "intelligent manufacturing" comprehensively.

In the form of subheadings of "Speed refreshing - doubled scale with the same construction cycle", "Global Leadership - Full automation of seven processes", the report presented a panoramic view of Tongwei Solar's construction speed, fully automatic unmanned workshop, global leading technology and equipment, as well as the corporate culture of work with heart, work with wisdom,work with the spirit of seizing every minute.

The article reflected the grandness of the second phase project through a large quantity of data, and focused on the capacity scale and project volume of the second phase project with data visualization, "the super factory" workshop covers a total area of more than 28,000 square meters, equivalent to nearly 70 basketball courts. After completion and commissioning, by conservative estimation, it can produce 1.35 million pieces of cells per day, which can cover the surface of 78 basketball courts... "

In the final subtitle of the report, Tongwei Solar's planning and far-reaching impact in the next two to three years on the global photovoltaic industry pattern was presented to readers. The article pointed out that the third phase of the project would be put into operation within 2 to 3 years.It plans to drive the photovoltaic upstream and downstream industries to form a photovoltaic industrial cluster. It will create an organic integration, and a virtuous cycle of industrial ecology chain ecosphere. At that time, Chengdu cell production base will become the world's largest production base of clean energy products, which will once again change the pattern of the global photovoltaic industry.

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