China GreenFood Association President visited Tongwei

  April, 4th,, Liu Lianfu, the President of China Green Food Association and Liu Wenju, the Vice President visited Tongwei headquarters with relevant officers in charge, accompanied by Sichuan Green Food Development Center Vice Director and Sichuan Green Food Association Secretary General, Yan Zhinong. They highly appreciated the remarkable achievements Tongwei had made for green food industry. Liu Hanyuan, the Chairman of the Board, and Guan Yawei, the President of Tongwei co., Ltd met and exchanged opinions with them on the issue of green food industry development and betterment.

  After his visit to Tongwei’s Hall of Honor, Mr. Liu Lianfu highly commended Mr. Liu Hanyuan’s original creation of Metallic Cage Culture with Running Channel Water, which, according to him, has changed the history of Chinese fishery industry and inaugurated a new era of China’s aquaculture. In addition, its contribution positively accelerated China’s progress towards the world’s largest aquaculture country.  Mr. Liu Lianfu said, we have every confidence that China’s fishery industry future will be more promising with Tongwei’s participation. Tongwei has made a miracle in its business undertaking. He also showed great interest in Tongwei’s focus on feed industry and aquaculture development, and the related industrial chain growth. Tongwei’s vision of becoming the world-class safe and secure food supplier is of strategic importance and realistic significance. At present, “Tongwei Fish”, “Computerized Pig” and “Gold Card Pig” are consumers’ favored healthy and secure meat products. The originality of retraceable and safe meat products deserves extensive promotion in the field of food processing.
  Mr. Liu Lianfu said, at present, traditional agricultural production remains the primary mold in China. Unavoidable are the many misconceptions and misconducts that violate environmental protection and sustainable development. The worldwide growing attention on food safety urges China to improve agricultural production security and change its traditional agricultural production method. There is a great demand for responsible and high-tech agriculture-related enterprises that pioneer a healthy, safe, eco-friendly and sustainable green food industry. The aim is to achieve harmonious integration of ecosystem, production and economy by means of bringing agriculture standardization into production of the whole industrial chain. He hoped Tongwei could keep its leading role in this area and make more contributions.

  Chairman Liu Hanyuan showed his warm welcome to the guests, and informed them of Tongwei’s recent work and short-term strategies in the green food and green agriculture development. He mentioned, with its technique strength and certified qualification, Tongwei would strengthen base cultivation and construction in its aquatic production and livestock breeding, producing and processing, while strictly following safe and green food requirements. Tongwei aims at expanding and strengthening its green food industry to an end of a large-scale industrialized, information-based green food industry that owns its own brand names. As a result, a virtuous circle of environment, resources and economic social development will form.

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