Chairman Liu Visited the Earthquake-hit Area

  19th, June, 2008, for better knowledge of the situation in earthquake-hit areas, Chairman of the Board Mr. Liu Hanyuan visited Dujiangyan, Pengzhou, Deyang Hanwang and Jiulong. The visit to Tongwei Salmon Fish, Runzhao Fishery and Deyang Tongwei enabled Mr. Liu to communicate vis-à-vis with the staff. He spoke highly of their composure and their concerted efforts to keep production efficient and organized under such difficult circumstance. He encouraged them to be strong, courageous independent and be fully prepared for the recovery after the earthquake.

  Mr. Liu’s one-day trip was long but worthwhile. Accompanied by Hang Qigang, the Vice President Assistant of Tongwei Group, and Zhang Qingming, the Vice President of Tongwei Co.,LTD, he also visited survivors in the countryside and schools in earthquake-stricken areas,

  Previously located in Dujiangyan, Tongwei salmon base office moved to a civilian housing apartment due to the severe damage.  At the company of Zhao Yaochun, the Executive Director and GM of Salmon Base, Chairman Liu not only arranged temporary office and distribution of tents in person, but also inquired about staff’s working and living situation. Some staff members lost their homes; some temporary offices had no power, no water nor gas supply. Chairman Liu showed great concern. He encouraged Tongwei people to keep their chin up, overcome difficulties and move forward. Chairman Liu said, Tongwei salmon base was destroyed, but not our management and technical team, not our freshwater cultivation technique, not Sichuan’s freshwater resource. I believe, with our concerted effort, our salmon industry will revive and thrive.

  Situated in Pengzhou, Runzhao Fishery is a technological aquatic product company. It provides high-quality sturgeon cultivation with a wide variety from Siberian, Russian, Chinese sturgeon to paddlefish. Due to the earthquake, the research base breeding pools cracked, causing loss of some fries. Li Jun, the GM of Runzhao Fishery, briefed Mr. Liu about the damage and loss incurred by the earthquake, as well as the current management and research status. After close examination of the pools, Mr. Liu learned about different cultivating stages, sturgeon cultivation skills and techniques, feed formulation and other related information. It was a delight to see the reconstruction and recovery of the cultivation base. Mr. Liu pointed out, as showcase for fish cultivation and research, sturgeon is a treasure with high economic value. Furthermore, the technological fruits from sturgeon cultivation bridge the gap of freshwater fish research in China. These achievements significantly influence the development of world aquaculture industry. Therefore, we are bound to better our sturgeon protection, management, research and operation.

  Chairman Liu showed great concern about Deyang Tongwei - the only feed sub-company in the earthquake-hit zone. Accompanied by Sun Zhiwei, the GM, Mr. Liu examined the damaged Deyang Tongwei building, as well as the production department, stockyard, raw material warehouse and master control room. Meanwhile, Mr. Liu had talks with the staff members, learning about their living situation. Mr. Sun briefed Mr. Liu about Deyang Tongwei’s production, market circumstances and its assistance to government relief, as well as its intent for building a new Hope school on behalf of Tongwei Group. Mr. Liu was happy to see the production and management going back to normal and becoming organized. He praised the staff for their devotion to Tongwei and encouraged them to rise to the occasion, making effective measures to ensure efficiency of production, to revive and consolidate market share. It is also necessary to offer guidance to survivors to rebuild their homes, as well as their confidence. Livestock breeding industry should lead the reconstruction and development of the earthquake-stricken zone.

  During the visit, Mr. Liu also went to the biggest victim settlement in Mianyang and Hanwang. He inquired about material quality of the temporary assembled board houses, house arrangement and prices of commodities in the area. In addition, Mr. Liu visited the Primary School of Jiulong County to get to know its situation of building damage, number of casualties and government assistance.

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