Tongwei Fish Survived the Deadly Sanchahu Lake Incident

June, 15th was a disastrous day for the fish farmers at Sanchahu lake. Due to sudden unidentified water quality change of the lake, fish in over 7,000 fish culture cages were found dead. None of the individual farmers were exempted from loss. There was over 100 kg of fish loss, resulting in direct economic loss of over ¥20 million RMB. Tongwei, however, was the only exception.

Tongwei put 33 cages (size: 5×5×3) at Sanchahu to carry on its American Channel Catfish Culture. The total fish weight reaches 200 tons, with weight specification per fish stays at 600-800 g. The #168 catfish feed was used during the whole breeding process. No major diseases nor death were ever reported. Tongwei fish has been known for its good health and full specifications. The experts have summarized the following experience from Tongwei after the Sanchahu Lake Incident:

1.The use of Tongwei feed ensures fish’s healthy growth and enhances its resilience strengths. That was an important factor for Tongwei fish’s survival.
  2.Tongwei decisively sent out technicians to the spot in no time to control and prevent the spread of the disaster.
  3.Tongwei’s culture and technical personnel took their responsibility at the emergency. Their expertise, prompt reaction and dedication contributed to the relief.

Facts have proved that sticking to Tongwei’s Scientific Fish Culture Techniques can yield twice the result with half the effort.

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