New Milestone for Fishery and PV Development! Grid Connection of Tongwei Tianmen 500MW "Integration of Fishery and PV" Project at Chenhu Lake

On May 2, 2023, all units of the Tianmen Phase II 400MW PV Project at Chenhu Lake were connected to the grid and a full-capacity grid connection is realized in the first 500MW "Integration of Fishery and PV" Project of Tongwei New Energy, marking the success of the largest flexible support demonstration project in China and even the world.

Scene of full-capacity operation ceremony of Tianmen 500MW "Integration of Fishery and PV" Project of Tongwei

The Tianmen project is the first 500MW level base project of Tongwei New Energy, with an average annual power generation of 600 million kWh and an average annual carbon emissions reduction of 523,000t. In June 2022, the Phase I 100MW Project was connected to the grid for power generation. On September 20, 2022, the Phase II 400MW Project was officially commenced. During construction, Tongwei New Energy always adhered to the construction concept of "creating a high-quality project with integrity", scientifically planned, meticulously organized, accelerated progress, ensured project quality and progress, and strove to create a high-quality project. It only takes seven months for the Phase II Project from official commencement to completion and operation, creating "Tongwei Acceleration".

The Tianmen Project covers a land area of about 10,000 mu (1 mu = 0.0667 ha) and completely employs Tongwei's unique patent - Flexible Support Installation Method, with only over 27,000 pipe piles, creating a strong demonstration effect and differentiated core competitiveness in the sector. In addition, the smooth operation of the project also marks the leapfrog development of the application scale of Tongwei's flexible support patent technology from experimentation to demonstration, and then to large-scale application of a 500MW project.

Tongwei Tianmen 500MW "Integration of Fishery and PV" Project

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