Tongwei and Energy 3000 Solar GmbH Signed the Framework Agreement for Supply of 1GW High-efficiency Modules

On February 25, the visitors from Energy 3000 Solar GmbH, a well-known Austrian PV enterprise, came to Tongwei for visit and discussion, and signed the framework agreement for supply of 1GW high-efficiency modules for 3 years. Mr. Christian Bairhube, founder and CEO of Energy 3000 Solar GmbH, and the overseas sales director of Tongwei attended the signing ceremony and held a discussion.

Before signing of the agreement, the overseas sales director of Tongwei gave Mr. Christian Bairhuber and his colleagues a detailed presentation on Tongwei's corporate culture, development history and current mainstream modules, and Mr. Christian Bairhuber explained the main business and future development plan of Energy 3000 Solar GmbH. Through amicable and in-depth discussion, the two parties reached consensus on further cooperation.

During the meeting, the two parties signed the framework agreement for supply of 1GW high-efficiency modules for 3 years. According to this agreement, Tongwei will continuously provide Energy3000 Solar GmbH with high-efficiency P/N modules. This series of modules has the advantages including high energy output, low cost per kWh, high reliability and ultralow decay, and can meet the increasingly high demand of the global customers for clean energy. In accordance with this agreement, Energy 3000 Solar GmbH will be Tongwei's partner in the European market, and distribute Tongwei's intelligent manufacturing products to more and more regions.

Site of signing the agreement

Since the company was founded in 2007, according to Christian Bairhuber, Energy 3000 Solar GmbH has been doing intensive R&D in the area of renewable energy. For years, the company has been dedicated to planning and implementation of the PV systems of various scales for requirements. As the European partner of Tongwei, Energy3000 Solar GmbH will use its geographic location and market advantages and work with Tongwei to promote the development and reform of the European energy market. 

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