The Commencement of 25 GW PV Module Project at TW Solar Yancheng Base

The 25GW PV module project of TW Solar (Yancheng) Co., Ltd. was officially launched on January 1. The high-performance PV module manufacturing base project of Tongwei Co., Ltd. was signed and settled in Yancheng on September 29, 2022. Upon that, the Company established its headquarters in the Base to effectively guarantee a smooth commencement of the project and pave the way for its scheduled entry-into-operation.

The commencement of 25 GW PV Module Project at TW Solar (Yancheng) Co., Ltd.

The project in Yancheng adopts the "technology + industry" integrated construction mode and Tongwei's abundant experience in building PV Intelligent Green Park and star workshops, in an attempt to achieve further upgrading on the foundation of the "5G+" digital management mode and build a green, simple, stable and reliable high-quality module production network. In addition, the AOI visual inspection system will be configured to implement visual information management for the whole production process and monitor product quality in an all-round way without omission on the module production line, so as to enhance the product yield rate. In the key transportation links of quality warehouse and workshop material distribution, a full-automatic intelligent AGV cruiser will be used to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. In information processing, a strong digital module supply system will be built to guarantee a timely and efficient response to the demands of global customers and markets for products and services.

The production line of the Yancheng Base will be equipped with cutting-edged processing production facilities in the sector to mainly produce 182 and 210 large-size high-performance module products by means of TW TNC/TPC and other techniques, to maximize the efficiency of power generation and minimize the cost of electricity. Besides, two super-large three-dimensional warehouses, each with a storage capacity of 65,000 large pallets of modules and a stock of 2.2GW, will be built in the plant area in the Base to meet the needs of product quality inspection, storage and distribution and provide reliable logistics support for the mass production of TW high-performance products and customer services.

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