Tongwei Debuts Its Modules at the All-energy Australia 2022 to Expand Global Presence

On October 26, the All-energy Australia was held in Melbourne. All-energy Australia, Australia's largest renewable energy exhibition, is the only event in the Asia-Pacific region dedicated to clean and renewable power in a holistic manner. The Asia-Pacific marketing team of Tongwei modules participated in the exhibition with high-efficiency module products and new technology solutions, showcasing the innovative technology of Tongwei's high-efficiency modules to overseas customers.

Tongwei High-efficiency Modules Exported Worldwide

Australia leads the globe in abundant and high-quality solar energy resources, with more than 80% of the ground surface light intensity exceeding 2,000 kilowatts/square meter/hour. The Australian government has introduced many supporting policies to promote the development of the domestic solar energy industry. According to estimation, Australia's solar power generation will satisfy 29% of its electricity consumption by 2050, prospering the PV industry.

In 2021, renewable energy power generation accounted for roughly 20% of Australia's total power generation; there were more than 3 million installed PV projects, with a cumulative installed PV capacity of about 25.7GW, and over 3 million households have installed rooftop PV systems, making Australia one of the regions with the highest PV penetration rate and one of the major PV markets in the world.

Introduction to Tongwei Module Products

Taking this exhibition as an opportunity, the overseas marketing team of Tongwei modules mainly introduced the 182mm 54 monofacial 415 W solar module (black frame) to customers, which is produced with the Tongwei's exclusive, state-of-the-art technologies. As far as aesthetics go, this product exceeds the expectations of international customers. The use of cutting-edge technologies affords excellent product quality. Moreover, the different use situations in Australia's tropical and subtropical dry climates can all be accommodated by its stable, anti-aging, and anti-cracking performance.

Introduction to Tongwei High-efficiency Module Products

Tongwei has taken a concrete step toward expanding into the Australian market by attending All-energy Australia 2022. In addition, Tongwei PV products are exported to more than 30 countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Chile, Brazil, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. The future is now, and the global energy reform trend is irreversible. Tongwei will continue to make sustained efforts in the module market, focus on heavy investment in technology R&D, enhance professional strength, and contribute to the global energy industry's green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.

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