The World's First Ultra-high Altitude PV Empirical Base Equipped with Tongwei Modules Put into Operation

Recently, the first batch of power generation units of SPIC Xingchuan Empirical PV Power Plant, the world's first ultra-high altitude PV empirical test base, was connected to the grid for power generation, marking the official operation of the base. Xingchuan Empirical PV Power Plant is located on Dinggong Grassland, Zhengdou Town, Xiangcheng County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with a total installed capacity of 600,000 kW. After the full capacity is connected to the grid, the annual average power generation will be about 1.268 billion kWh, equivalent to saving about 390,000 tons of standard coal and reducing about 1.07 million tons of CO2 emission every year, and can meet the annual power use needs of 210,000 people.

Xingchuan PV Empirical Base, located on Dinggong Grassland, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province with an altitude of 3,900 to 4,500 meters, is the largest single PV power generation project in Sichuan Province, the PV empirical base with the largest altitude in China, and the first ultra-high altitude PV empirical base in the world.

"Unlike a simple PV power plant, the PV empirical base is like the 'encyclopedia' of the photovoltaic industry." According to Zhou Qingjia, Chairman of SPIC Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd., the investor of the project, Xingchuan Empirical PV Power Plant has five empirical test areas, including PV module, inverter, support bracket, energy storage device and comprehensive comparison, and adopts 127 comparison schemes. It is a scientific research platform for empirical test and research on PV, energy storage products and new technologies. The Plant fills the gap of PV empirical base in ultra-high altitude and mid-latitude area, and it is of great significance to explore the large-scale development path of PV in Western Sichuan Plateau and accelerate the sustainable development of energy in Sichuan Province.

The Tongwei modules used in Xingchuan Empirical PV Power Plant have become a strong competitor on this global arena. After winning the bid for the centralized purchasing of 7MW shingled modules for SPIC Ganzi Demonstration Project in June this year, Tongwei won the 44th batch of centralized bidding (the procurement of shingled module equipment for Ganzi Zhengdu PV Empirical Base Project of Sichuan Company) of SPIC again in September, with a procurement capacity of 120MW high-efficiency shingled PV modules and a reserve capacity of 50MW. The power of a single module (supply in batch) is up to 660W.

Since its increasing focus on modules, Tongwei has successively won the bids for the fifth batch of centralized purchasing of 3GW PV modules from China Resources Power and the 2022 third batch of purchasing of PV modules (lot 1) from Guangdong Electric Power Development Company.

Intelligent manufacturing line of Tongwei high-efficiency modules

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