The Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Framework Agreement between Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd. and Tongwei Co., Ltd. was Held Successfully

The signing ceremony of the cooperation framework agreement between Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd. and Tongwei Co., Ltd. was held successfully on October 14. Liu Xiaoqi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., Liu Ruisheng, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager of Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., Li Dajun, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager of Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., Xie Yi, Chairman and CEO of Tongwei Co., Ltd., Liu Shuqi, Assistant President of Tongwei Co., Ltd., Qiu Xin, General Manager of Global Marketing of Photovoltaic Module Business Department, and others attended and witnessed the signing ceremony through a video conference.

Online video conference between the two teams

During the discussion, the principals of the two parties introduced the previous project cooperation, presented the core content of the cooperation framework agreement, and held a video signing ceremony. The two parties will pool their strengths in resources, sector, and industry to create mutually beneficial synergies, and launch pilot projects in policy hotspots. By maximizing each other's advantages such as capital services, technology R&D, brand effects, industry influence, the both parties will also actively explore business cooperation models, promote diversified cooperation to improve corporate social and economic benefits.

Signing ceremony site

Mr. Xie Yi thanked Guohua for being a strong advocate of Tongwei and sincerely invited the Guohua team to visit Tongwei for a field mission. He also briefed Tongwei's advantages in terms of photovoltaic industry layout, production capacity, overall cost, product quality, among others. In the future, Tongwei will make sustained efforts to improve its technology R&D capabilities, and give full play to its industrial chain advantages, to provide more high-quality and efficient photovoltaic modules for Guohua, and play a larger part in Guohua's clean energy development.

Mr. Liu Xiaoqi introduced Guohua's main business and development strategy and explained that Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., a large-scale comprehensive clean energy enterprise owned by CHN Energy, specializes in the clean energy industry, especially in integrated smart energy based on wind power and photovoltaic and hydrogen energy, as well as fund investment. Benefited from previous favorable cooperation, and thanks to the strategic alignment, market promotion, and team endeavors, this signing was eventually concluded between the two parties, ushering in a new chapter of cooperation for each other. It is hoped that there will be more and deeper project cooperation and information exchanges to realize deep synergistic effect, help achieve the primary goals of both parties, and boost each other's high-quality and rapid development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

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