Tongwei Honored as One of Top 50 Chinese Innovative Enterprises of 2022

On August 12, Forbes China released the Top 50 Chinese Innovative Enterprises List of 2022. Tongwei was included in the list with its commitment to the "double green" (green agriculture and green energy) development over the years and its positive contribution to constantly participating in and promoting the global energy revolution.

Tongwei Honored as One of Top 50 Chinese Innovative Enterprises of 2022

It is known that the year 2022 marks the fifth year of Forbes China's Top 50 Innovative Enterprises List, and is the third year of the coronavirus outbreak. Against the backdrop of the global anti-trust ideological trend, culture isolation and economic downward pressure, the innovative companies elected this year manifest a kind of technological optimism. While choosing the innovative enterprises, it has been found that more technological breakthroughs were made and more targets were fulfilled compared with last year.

The Forbes China’s Top 50 Innovative Enterprises List appraises the innovation strength of a company by analyzing the development status, competition and industry trend of different fields based on the company's business model, R&D input, growth potential and other basic indicators. Different from past years, due to the sharp fluctuation of capital markets at home and abroad, the innovation premium index shown by the cash stocks of investors of second-class markets is also used as an appraisal reference this year, to understand the confidence held by the markets in technologically innovative companies.

The list shows that there are 18 new energy related companies, which account for the largest proportion. Over the past 40 years, under the leadership of Chairman Liu Hanyuan, all businesses of Tongwei have been firmly practicing the strategy of "Revitalizing Enterprise through Science and Technology", aiming to lead the industry in technology, cost and quality by constant self-motivation, self-innovation as well as focusing on development priority and tapping the great potential of itself.

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