Tongwei Co., Ltd., LONGi and Zhonghuan Semiconductor Rank Top Three among the 2022 China's Top 30 PV Enterprises in Terms of Development Power

Source: PR Newswire

Recently, China Internet Weekly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with eNET Research Institute and Deben Consulting, released the list of "2022 China's Top 30 PV Enterprises in Terms of Development Power". Tongwei Co., Ltd., LONGi and Zhonghuan Semiconductor ranked top three.

With the proposal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, new energy and PV are rising rapidly. The sustainability of energy is the eternal theme of human development, and the greatest logic of PV lies in the energy revolution. As a strategic emerging industry that has established international competitive advantages, achieved end-to-end autonomy and control, and is expected to take the lead in becoming a model of high-quality development, the importance of PV industry is self-evident.

PV power generation, as the main force of renewable energy, will become one of the sectors most worthy of investment. Driven by the rapid growth of demand, the PV industry has ushered in a new round of capacity expansion. At the same time, many PV enterprises are also continuously developing new battery technologies that are expected to further improve the quality and efficiency of PV power generation. Relevant data show that the global PV installed capacity increased by 133GW in 2021, of which China's PV contributed 54.88GW or 41.26%, ranking first in the world. 

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