Tongwei's 40th Anniversary Series | A Splendid Debut Performance! Tongwei Group's Brand-New Image Advertisement Launched on Three Channels of China Central Television (CCTV)

In order to grandly celebrate its 40th anniversary, Tongwei Group launched a brand-new image advertisement on three CCTV channels from May 25 to present Tongwei's brand-new image and great vision of promoting sustainable development of mankind. The advertisement is aired prior to CCTV News on CCTV-1, in the prime time of China News on CCTV-4, and in the prime time of Village Theatre and Stories of Rural Areas, Farmers and Agriculture on CCTV-17, respectively. Standing at a new starting point from its 40th anniversary, Tongwei will endeavor to advocate for the development of green agriculture and photovoltaic new energy industry and the acceleration of achievement of China's carbon neutrality goal on the national media platform in the future.

The 15-second advertisement vividly depicts the future urban scenes of sustainable development of mankind in the context of clean energy and green development, with the themes of "Sunshine" and "Green" and by means of futuristic pictures full of science and technology. It fully demonstrates Tongwei's original aspiration of "For a Better Life", vision of "Change the World with Photovoltaic Power", and resolve of realization of the "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" goals.

▲Tongwei's brand-new image advertisement launched on CCTV-1

▲Tongwei's brand-new image advertisement launched on CCTV-4, CCTV-4 (European Edition) and CCTV-4 (American Edition)

▲Tongwei's brand-new image advertisement launched on CCTV-17

Broadcast time

1. CCTV-1: Before CCTV News, 18:50-18:55, from Monday to Sunday;

2. CCTV-4: China News, 21:25-21:30, from Monday to Friday;

3. CCTV-4 (European Edition): China News, 13:00-13:30, from Monday to Friday (London Time);

4. CCTV-4 (American Edition): China News, 08:00-08:30, from Monday to Friday (Washington Time);

5. CCTV-17: Before Village Theatre, 19:00-19:05, from Monday to Friday;

6. CCTV-17: Stories of Rural Areas, Farmers and Agriculture, 07:30-08:00, from Monday to Friday (debut); and 00:20-00:50, from Monday to Friday (rebroadcast)

Do watch our advertisement on time! 

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