Great News! Tongwei on Focus Report of both CCTV News and Oriental Horizon

On April 13, CCTV News broadcast a special report titled "Steady Start of Foreign Trade of China in Q1". The CCTV reporter conducted an on-the-spot report at the Jintang Base of TW Solar, learning about the export performance of the enterprise. On the same day, Oriental Horizon also put focus on TW Solar in its report titled "Development of the Private Sector of China in Q1". As of now, the achievements and innovation capacity of Tongwei New Energy has been on focus report of CCTV for 4 times, which demonstrates the strong capability of the Chinese PV enterprises represented by Tongwei.

Export Performance of TW Solar on Focus Report of Oriental Horizon at CCTV-1

The CCTV News and Oriental Horizon programs of CCTV-1 delivered focus reports on the PV industry and private sector of China. TW Solar received special attention as a representative enterprise. According to the reports, a shipment of PV cells worth nearly RMB 10 million have been transported to France by the China-Europe Railway Express recently. This is the 5th shipment of PV cells exported from TW Solar to the EU this year. In Q1 this year, the import and export volume of the private enterprises in Sichuan doubled YoY, and the export to France and Italy increased by over 60%. TW Solar, a leading company in the PV industry, has received export orders worth over RMB 400 million this year.

In this year, the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy has been in steady progress. The national and local policies in support of accelerated development of PV industry have been enacted one after another, which ushers the PV new energy industry into a golden age. Bolstered by its fundamental strength, Tongwei New Energy has once again paced up its growth and enhanced its development quality, and has been frequently put on focus reports of the mainstream media outlets including CCTV. In the three months by now, Tongwei New Energy has been on focus reports of CCTV 4 times, demonstrating the development speed and achievements of the Chinese PV enterprises represented by Tongwei.

Economic News of CCTV-2 Delivered Focus Report on High-purity Crystalline Silicon Production of Tongwei 

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