Pumped Storage Becomes the Focus! 31 Provinces’ Government Work Reports Mention Energy Storage

Source: IN-EN.com/Energy Storage Headline

"Develop pumped storage, and promote the construction of new energy storage facilities such as electrochemistry", "accelerate the construction of new power system with new energy as the main body, and promote the large-scale development of new energy storage"... "Energy storage" has become a frequent hot word in local government work reports in 2022.

Pay equal attention to pumped storage and new energy storage

Since China put forward a huge number of long-term goals for pumped storage again last year, local governments have put forward specific goals for pumped storage projects in their jurisdictions, which is different from before. In the past, when electrochemical energy storage developed vigorously among the people, the new projects of pumped storage were relatively few, and the pumped storage sector was relatively depressed. Now, under the national directional guidance, with the huge driving effect of pumped storage projects on the GDP of counties and even provinces, pumped storage projects are being launched in various places, and this trend is also shown in the government work report. New energy storage has become a hot spot in the government work report because of its great driving effect on the regional industrial chain. For example, the work report of Zhejiang provincial government proposes to start the construction of a new energy storage project of 1 million kilowatts and actively promote the construction of pumped storage power stations.

The Energy Storage Headline summarizes the key points of energy storage in 2022 government work reports of 31 provincial administrative regions:

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