New Energy Department of National Energy Administration: Vigorously Advance the Construction of Photovoltaic Bases and Jointly Sustain the Stable Development of Industrial Chain

Source: Solarbe

In 2021, China newly installed 54.88 GW photovoltaic capacity, reaching a historical high and ranking first in the world for nine years in a row. The distributed photovoltaic installed capacity exceeds 50% of the total newly installed capacity for the first time as the biggest highlight of the whole year.

What are the problems that China's photovoltaic industry still faces? How should it develop in the future? At the Webinar on 2021 Development Situation and 2022 Development Prospect held by China Photovoltaic Industry Association, Xing Yiteng, Director of the New Energy Division, New Energy Department of National Energy Administration, proposed four development guidelines: to advance the construction of large bases in a vigorous way, to promote the distributed PV projects in a regulated way, to implement various action plans in an innovative way, and to strengthen policy supply in a sustainable way. He also put forward four recommendations, including jointly maintaining the stable development of the photovoltaic industry chain and market environment and continuously making innovations in technology and model.

Xing Yiteng pointed out that the "14th Five-Year Plan" is a critical window period for China to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, as well as to accelerate the transformation to a clean and low-carbon energy system. So far, the "14th Five-Year Plan" for renewable energy development in China has been officially issued. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the relevant authorities will put great efforts in promoting the implementation of the Plan, enable the Plan to play a guiding role, carry out the new strategy of energy security thoroughly, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, anchor the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Taking high-quality leap-forward development as the theme, improvement of quality and efficiency as the principal line, reform and innovation as the driving force, we will boost the large-scale, high-proportion, market-oriented and high-quality development of renewable energy, and effectively support the construction of an energy system that is clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient. 

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