Luo Qiang, Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and His Colleagues Visited Yongxiang Co., Ltd for a Survey

On January 29, Luo Qiang, Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, and his colleagues visited Yongxiang Co., Ltd and inspected the company's efforts in pandemic control, work safety and industrial development. Liu Quansheng, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Zhang Jin, member of the Party Committee of the Department of Emergency Management of Sichuan Province, Director of the Political Department and Secretary of the Party Committee, and You Yong, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, also participated in the survey. Ma Bo, Secretary of the the CPC Leshan Municipal Committee, Xi Daijin, officer of the municipal government, and Liu Yong, Secretary of the CPC Wutongqiao District Committee, accompanied the visitors. Li Bin, Chairman of the Board of Yongxiang Co., Ltd and General Manager of Yongxiang New Energy, Yang Wuming, Safety and Environmental Protection Director of Yongxiang Co., Ltd, Du Yijun, Executive Deputy General Manager of Yongxiang Resins, and Dai Changhong, Assistant General Manager of Yongxiang Co., Ltd., warmly received them.

Visiting the Digital Experience Center

Vice Governor Luo Qiang and his colleagues first visited the Digital Experience Center of Yongxiang Co., Ltd, comprehensively learned about the development history and operation status of Yongxiang high-purity crystalline silicon, and communicated in detail regarding technological innovation, R&D investment and other matters. According to Chairman Li Bin, through rapid growth in over 10 years since 2006 when Tongwei entered the PV new energy industry, Tongwei has established a complete PV energy industry chain that consists of the upstream high-purity crystalline silicon production, midstream high-efficiency solar cell production and the terminal PV power plant construction and operation, further consolidated "Chinese intelligent manufacturing" of high-purity crystalline silicon, and adequately demonstrated the position and competitive strength of China's high-purity crystalline silicon industry in the global market. Growth of PV industry in Leshan is inseparable from the strong support and forward-looking strategy of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Sichuan Provincial People's Government, the CPC Leshan Municipal Committee and Municipal Government of Leshan, who have created a business environment driven by pragmatism and high efficiency so that the enterprises are more confident and more resolved to invest in this industry and Tongwei can implement and operate its projects with high quality. Thanks to the unswerving support for the strategic emerging industry from the party committees and governments at the provincial, municipal and district levels, the "Green Silicon Valley of China" has been built. In the future, Tongwei will continue its full commitment to creating a benign eco-system for the purpose of synergetic development of the industry chain, provide various high-quality products for the industry, work with the industry peers in diversified participation and differentiated competition, help maintain sustainable, healthy, stable, synergetic and efficient development of the industry, and make contributions to achieving the objectives of the global energy revolution and carbon neutrality!

Site Survey 

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