Tongwei's PV Industry Reentered the Spotlight on CCTV Financial Channel's Economic Information Network News Broadcast

CCTV Financial Channel's Economic Information Network News Broadcast aired a special report titled PV Industry Observation on January 29. It conducted an in-depth analysis of China's PV industry's future growth possibilities in light of carbon neutrality. Under the coordination of the Group's Brand Management Center, CCTV reporters gave interviews to Yongxiang Co., Ltd.'s Leshan Base and TW Solar's Meishan Base, respectively, where they discussed the development of the PV industry with Liu Hanyuan, a member of the Standing Committee of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Deputy to the NPC, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tongwei Group, for an intensive exchange of views.

CCTV Broadcasted a Report on Yongxiang New Energy's Production of High-purity Crystalline Silicon

In the CCTV report featuring Yongxiang New Energy's plant, it was observed that the workers were still busy after business hours. During an interview with CCTV reporters, Luo Zhou, deputy general manager of Yongxiang Co., Ltd. and executive deputy general manager of Yongxiang New Energy, said that the company's orders had been booked up as early as a year ago due to the continued strong demand from downstream enterprises. Moreover, they have to work round the clock to keep up with orders. Furthermore, Yongxiang New Energy extended its production capacity at the end of last year to fulfill downstream business demand, and the new production plant is already operating at full capacity. At present, Yongxiang Co., Ltd.'s capacity for high-purity crystalline silicon production has surpassed 180,000 tons, placing it first in the world in terms of shipments. Its production capacity is predicted to reach 330,000 tons in 2022, continuing to assert its global primacy.

Luo Zhou, Deputy General Manager of Yongxiang Co., Ltd. And Executive Deputy General Manager of Yongxiang New Energy, Agreed to an Interview Conducted by CCTV Reporters

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