Tongwei Has Made Significant Progress in the Prospective Research of Non-grain Raw Material, While Contributing to Major Breakthroughs in the Field of C1-based Biosynthesis

Recently, a number of mainstream media outlets in China, such as Science and Technology Daily, China Science Daily, and Guangming Daily, have successively reported that great progress has been made in China in C1-based biosynthesis-Chinese scientists have realized the synthesis of one-step reaction from carbon monoxide to protein for the first time in the world-the whole synthesis process takes only 22s and has formed an industrial capacity of 10,000 ton. The single-cell protein produced by this reaction, Clostridium ethanolic protein, has passed the safety, effectiveness and environmental impact assessment of the National Feed Evaluation Committee under the joint promotion of the Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sector Technical System of Tongwei Co., Ltd. and many domestic scientists, and has successfully been awarded the First New Product Certificate of Feed Raw Materials issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in China, This achievement breaks through the limitations of natural protein synthesis in resources, time and space. Under the background that China’s foreign dependence on feed protein raw materials has accounted for more than 80% of the total and the import of soybeans has exceeded 100 million tons, it is of far-reaching significance to making up for the shortcomings in the use of feed raw materials and helping achieve the national goal of “carbon neutrality”.

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