Tongwei Group Wins the Honor of "Annual Carbon Neutrality Model Enterprise"

On November 13, 2021 China Energy Development Summit was held in Beijing with the theme of "Zero Carbon • New Pattern", concentrating on green and low-carbon development in the new era and situation. At the summit, Tongwei Group was awarded "Annual Carbon Neutrality Model Enterprise" by virtue of its continuous efforts and active actions in green and low-carbon development. Chen Xingyu, the President of PV Business Division of Tongwei Co., Ltd., on behalf of Tongwei Group, participated in the round-table dialogue with the theme of "Opportunities & Challenges from Carbon Neutrality" by means of video call, and explored with industry colleagues about the path and solutions to achieve the emission peak and carbon neutrality goals.

Tongwei Group Wins the Honor of "Annual Carbon Neutrality Model Enterprise"

In the round-table dialogue, Mr. Chen said that the world is currently entering a new era of energy transformation, and its driving force comes from the fight against climate change and carbon emission reduction. At the same time, China's economy is still in a state of high growth. In the background of emission peak and carbon neutrality goals, the growing demand for energy and the pressure of emission reduction and carbon reduction coexist. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly prominent in the global energy structure, and the green energy development represented by PV, wind power, and biomass energy is becoming more and more popular. As an enterprise deeply engaged in the PV new energy, Tongwei has formed a complete photovoltaic new energy industry chain with independent intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, Tongwei will continue to fully participate in the fine ecosystem creation for the industrial chain coordinated development, and will work together with the entire industry to jointly fuel the global energy revolution and promote the early realization of the emission peak and carbon neutrality goals.

In the upstream of new energy industry chain, the core technology "Yongxiang Method" of Tongwei's Yongxiang Co., Ltd. has been iteratively upgraded to the "Seventh Generation", and the product's key impurity elements purity has reached 99.999999999%, which meets the 90% demand of P-type single crystal and N-type single crystal, thus realizing the "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" of high-purity crystalline silicon. In the midstream of the industry chain, TW Solar has become the world's largest crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturer in the PV industry with the most advanced technology and production equipment, the highest degree of automation and intelligence, and its cell conversion efficiency continues to set new world records. At the end of the industry chain, Tongwei pioneered the world’s first "PV & Fishery Integration" model, combining Tongwei’s advantages as the world’s largest high-purity crystalline silicon manufacturer, battery manufacturer, and the world’s largest aquatic feed enterprise, and realizing the integrated development of new energy, new fishery and new village. It is a specific measure to help "emission peak and carbon neutrality" and the "Tongwei scheme" for rural revitalization.

"PV & Fishery Integration" Base of Tongwei in Changde

It has become a global consensus to propel green and low-carbon development and actively fight against climate change. Hence, green and low-carbon development will be integrated into the entire process of economic and social development in all fields. Tongwei will uphold the green and sustainable development concept all along to boost efficient synergy and healthy development of the PV industry and will cooperate with the whole industry to fight the "tough challenges" to achieve emission peak and carbon neutrality. 

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