The Low-Carbon Work Plan of Yongxiang Co., Ltd. Revealed and Internationally Recognized during the COP26

From October 31 to November 12, the COP26 was held in Glasgow, UK. The Yongxiang New Energy's low-carbon work plan titled The Zero Carbon Path for the Use of Steam in the Production of High-purity Crystalline Silicon was presented on behalf of Tongwei Group and fully recognized by international experts and global industry peers during the COP 26.

The full name of COP is "Conference of the Parties". The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference held by British and Italian sponsors in Glasgow is the 26th Conference of the Parties, or shortly, the COP26.

During the COP26, the plan of Yongxiang New Energy was exhibited in China Corporate Pavilion.

In each COP, the Parties demonstrate what they've done in dealing with climate change and make requests to each other. Meanwhile, there are various parallel sessions and booths for different countries, regions, industries and enterprises to demonstrate their efforts made in solving climatic problems. During this conference, the plan of Yongxiang New Energy was exhibited in China Corporate Pavilion.

Guided by its vision "for a better life" and its purpose "pursuing excellence and contributing to society", Tongwei Group has been unswervingly taking the "double-green" path — green agriculture and green energy. In terms of new energy, Tongwei has built a complete PV new energy industry chain with proprietary intellectual property rights, and become a core player and major promoter for the development of the PV new energy industry in China and even the world. 

In the upstream of Tongwei New Energy's industry chain, Yongxiang Co., Ltd., the owner of three high-purity crystalline silicon production bases in Leshan of Sichuan, Baotou of Inner Mongolia, and Baoshan of Yunnan, has established the largest single high-quality production line with low comprehensive energy consumption and new technology. Its capacity of high-purity crystalline silicon will surpass 180,000 tons this year, which will further reinforce its leading position in the globe. Besides, the company has been leading in the industry in terms of product quality, comprehensive technical indicators, and production cost. Over 99% of its products meet the monocrystalline requirement, the N-type monocrystalline is now supplied in batches, and some of them meet the first-level standards of semiconductor electronics. In doing so, it has realized the goal of high-purity crystalline silicon "Made in China" and completely changed the competition pattern of the global high-purity crystalline silicon industry.

A large amount of steam is consumed during the polycrystalline silicon production in the upstream PV industry. In the past, steam was mainly generated from coal-fired boilers, resulting in large carbon emissions and air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. To lower the carbon emissions resulting from the use of steam, Yongxiang Co., Ltd. has taken measures such as fuel substitution, energy saving, efficiency improvement, and utilization of renewable energy electricity, eventually achieving near-zero-emission from the use of stream.

The Gas boiler of Yongxiang Co., Ltd.

The zero carbon emission from the use of stream is just one of the milestones that Yongxiang has achieved in pursuing carbon neutrality. Now, Yongxiang has planned to implement more carbon emission reduction measures, e.g.: to build a smart factory for energy saving and efficiency improvement in the plant area; to continuously implement the development concept of circular economy industrial chain, recycle wastes and improve the utilization efficiency of raw materials; to strengthen the construction for terminal electrification and work hard to reach the ultimate goal of zero fossil energy use through boiler electrification, cooking utensil electrification, vehicle electrification in the plant area; to improve the utilization efficiency of clean electricity and the utilization rates of water, wind and PV power electricity; and to develop relevant internal emission reduction work management plans.

During the COP 26, the low-carbon work plan of Yongxiang New Energy was revealed and internationally recognized, which not only demonstrated the company's achievements made in carbon emission reduction but also inspired Yongxiang to speed up towards carbon neutrality. In the future, the company will continuously keep green and low-carbon development and actively contribute to the realization of China's goals of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality and the response to the global climate change, while pursuing its original mission "to preserve the green mountains and clear rivers for posterity".

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