GE Greater China Area President/CEO Visits Tongwei

  President/CEO of GE Consumer & Industrial Group, Mr. Jim Fisher paid a visit to Tongwei on March 5 for promoting understanding and exploring possibility of cooperation between the companies. Mr. Hu Rongzhu and Mr. You Zequan, respectively deputy president and International Business manager of Tongwei Group, gave a warm reception to and accompanied the guest to in the Hall of Honor.

  When Mr. Hu was briefing about the evolvement and strategy of Tongwei Group, Mr. Fisher said that though Tongwei was comparatively small to GE, it had had competitive edges as the world largest aquatic feeds manufacturer and one of the biggest Chinese private companies. Shorter as Tongwei’s history compared with that of GE, it is one of the private businesses that had the earliest startup in China. Its 20 more years of operation reflects the entire evolvement process of the Chinese modern feeds industry.Tongwei has been persistently adhering to the strategy of prioritizing the prime business and pursuit of moderate diversifiction; on the basis of the broard-sense agriculture and aquatic products, Tongwei is dedicated to upward and downward integration of the industrial chain and also to the cause of whole-process health, safety and hazard-free greenness. In addition, in recent years the group has been involved in the chemical industry by developing PVC resin and polysilicon PV businesses with a view to become the largest clean energy company in China and establish its presence in the solar power industry.

  The introduction given by Mr. Hu boosted Mr. Fisher’s confidence in the prospects of cooperation with Tongwei. He said GE was a Top 500 in the world, and a conglomerate with technologies, media and financial services arms; GE provided a wide range of products and services from aircraft engines, generation equipment, water treatment, security & surveillance technologies, to medical imaging, commercal and consumer financing and media; GE had customers in more than 100 countries across the globe. Mr. Fisher also revealed that GE had always regarded Tongwei Group as the most significant customer in West China and was hoping to find and establish cooperation in three aspects, i.e energy utilization, polysilicon R&D, in conjunction with application of their existing products to Tongwei’s feeds production lines.

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