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Tang liangzhi Inspected Tongwei Solar Shuangliu 5GW High-performance Crystalline Silicon Cell Project
[ Source:tongwei    Last updated:2016-4-1 ]
On March 31st, deputy secretary of Chengdu Municipal Committee of CPC, mayor
Tang liangzhi, Liu pu, the member of Standing Committee of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the CPC, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tianfu District, and deputy mayor Gou zhengli led main leaders, leaders in charge of industry and heads of departments of districts, cities and counties carrying out the second time of “Competition and training activity” of municipal key industrial projects and parks construction. The second stop of this activity is Tongwei Solar PV project. MS. Zhuo yujiao, president of Tongwei Group, Mr. Chen xingyu, chairman of board of supervisors, Mr. Hu rongzhu, vice-president of Tongwei Group, chairman of Tongwei New Energy Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang qigang, vice-president of Tongwei Group, Mr. Xie yi, assistant to president of Tongwei Group, chairman of Tongwei Solar(Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd. warmly received, and then, reported the process of Tongwei New Energy and Tongwei Solar PV project to mayor Tang.
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