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PRC Ministry of Agriculture-Rural Economic System and Operation Management Department Deputy Director, Mr. Wang Lejun Visited Tongwei Group
[ Source:全搜索采编中心    Last updated:2015-5-28 ]
On May 26th, the Deputy Director of PRC Ministry of Agriculture-Rural Economic System and Operation Management Department, Deputy Director of Agricultural Industrialization Office,Mr. Wang Lejun visited Tongwei Group, accompanied by Executive Deputy Director of Sichuan Rural Work Committee, Mr.Yang Xiubin and other leaders. The CEO of Tongwei Co., Ltd. Mr. Yan Hu had a deeply conversation with these leaders.
In this meeting, Mr. Yan looked back the 33 years’development of Tongwei, and introduced the development conditions and achievement on aquatic feed, aquaculture farming, and new energy to Deputy Director Wang.
When talking about how to service farmers better, Mr. Yan said: “we will set up some pilot service, transform from service marketing to scientific service marketing. On the base of last year, the 365 aquaculture model and poultry 6615 products model are new actions of scientific service marketing, especially on the aspect of 365 model, and this year, we will put Tongwei’s technology to the front end. In the next 3-5 years, the scientific marketing will be the key of Tongwei marketing work, and the value marketing  promoting will be the key plan of next phase.”
It is worth mentioning that two Tongwei farmers were invited in this meeting, Mr.Li Chenglong and Zhang Qinian. They talked about the process that Tongwei helped them to accumulate fortune with their own experience
In the meeting, Mr. Wang had very deep conversation and discussion with Mr. Yan on agriculture and aquatic feed. Mr. Wang said that Tongwei’s development history and experience enlightened the presence, and hope to know more about Tongwei and Tongwei’s scientific service.
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