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President Liu Hanyuan made a report on Fishery Development in Yangtse
[ Source:Tongwei    Last updated:2003-9-20 ]
During the period when the CPPCC and NPC conferences were held, with the sense of responsibility of an entrepreneur, President Liu Hanyuan submitted many pieces of proposal and advice actively in various discussion. Especially his series speech on fishery development in western development , was highly regarded by state leaders and the media widely paid close attention to it.
In the afternoon of Mar.4, Li Peng, the member of standing committee of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party and the chairman of NPC standing committee paid a visit to the members attending the third session of 9th National People's Political Consultative Conference, to call on the members of Central Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association as well as the members of China Democratic League. Li Peng attended the discussion. At the discussion, on behalf of private-owned enterprises, President Liu of Tongwei made a speech on the development along the Yangtse Three Gorges and western China. In his speech, President Liu made a thorough analysis on the status quo in Yangtse Three Gorges area. He emphasized that more efforts should be put into the production of fishery, to bring along other relevant industry by breeding. Li Peng was very interested in President Liu's speech. He expressed that it will be amazing to solve the problem of livelihood for one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand migrants in Yangtse Three Gorges Reservoir area.
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