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Consume Unequivocally, Breed calmly and hygienically
[ Source:Tongwei    Last updated:2003-9-20 ]
In order to welcome the "Consumers' Rights Day"(Mar.15) arrival, to let the users of Tongwei Feed and consumers who like to eat meat, egg, and to drink milk gradually get the consuming consciousness of "hygiene, safety and calmness", to teach the breeders the scientific knowledge concerning the breeding skill, the nutritional matter in feed and its production in animal-breeding concentrated areas; eventually to make the consumers to consume unequivocally and the users of Tongwei to breed calmly and hygienically, on Mar.9, 2000, the large-scale propaganda and training program entitled Consume unequivocally, Breed calmly and hygienically was held in Sanchahu Lake Town, Jianyang City. It was co-sponsored by Tongwei Group and Sichuan Provincial Fishery Bureau. More than 300 customers and dealers attended the workshop, including important breeders around Sanchahu Lake, the retailers of Tongwei, along with the leaders and specialists in aquaculture and fishery from Sichuan Provincial Feed Industry Office and Sichuan Provincial Fishery Bureau. Related leaders from departments of aquaculture and fishing in Ziyang District and Jianyang City, related leaders from Tongwei Group, representatives form Tongwei Group's subsidiaries were also invited.
It was said that the workshop will continue in such areas as Meishan, and Leshan, as well as other Tongwei Group's subsidiaries such as Xichang Tongwei, Chengdu Tongwei, Mianyang Tongwei and Chongqing Tongwei etc.
Several primary media in Sichuan reported the campaign.
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