Tongwei's "Fishery & PV Integration" improves the traditional mode of main photovoltaic power plants and supplemented fishery breeding for the "Fishery & PV Supplementary", expands the application fields of Tongwei solar photovoltaic technology combined with Tongwei "365 Health Aquaculture Model", and forms the unipue innovation of "Fishery & PV Integration" production model. The model "Above can generate electricity, below can keep fish", which does not occupy the land, nor change the original land usage, and it is a kind of efficient and ecological compound land innovation model, and the innovative development model integrating the solar photovoltaic industry and traditional fishery, thus truly realizing three harvests of "fishing, electricity and environmental protection".

The aquiculture area of our country has reached up to 120 million mu, if turns the 45 million mu intensive culture fish pond into "Fishery & PV Integration" power station, the total power generation will reach 1200GW-1500GW, which is equivalent to total installed power generation in 2015, and the annual revenue of power generation will reach up to 1.2-1.5 trillion yuan. If it builds and rebuilds or expend the 9 million mu high quality pond of the whole country, and carries out "Fishery & PV Integration" project, the output of aquaculture will reach up to 13.5 million tons, and can build 300GW-450GW photovoltaic power station at the same time, and the annual energy output will be 5-8 times of Three Gorges hydroelectric power station, and the total revenue of annual power generation will reach 240-600 billion yuan, and it will have a great prosperity.

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