Tongwei Co.,Ltd. is a large agricultural science and technology listed company (stock code:600438) controlled by Tongwei Group, it mainly engaged in feed industry, and involved in related fields such as aquatic research, aquaculture, animal health care, food processing and so on. It is a key national leading enterprise of agricultural industry. At present, the company has more than 160 branches and subsidiaries all over the country and Southeast Asia, with more than 10 million tons of feed production capacity annually. As the world's largest aquatic feed productioin enterprise and China's major livestock and poultry feed production enterprise, Tongwei Co.,Ltd is the first agricultural listed company with over 10 billion of annual sales income in Sichuan and is one of the agricultural listed companies in terms of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing plate sales. Its aquatic feed market share has exceeded 20%, ranking the first in China for over 20 years.

Tongwei Co.,Ltd. fully integrates the internal and external resources, energetically advocates technical innovation, and transforms the excellent scientific payoffs into productivity. It passes its latest scientific payoffs, most scientific aquaculture model and most advanced cultivation technique to vast distributors and farmers to make them firmly believe that only scientific progress can guarantee wealth creation.

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