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  Other Pet Products
  Other Pet Products
  The skin of pet is quite different from that of men's. Men's skin is of weak acidity, whilst, the skin of pet is neutral in pH value. Using shampoo, the pH value of which is near to that of pet's skin, will protect your pets' skins and hair properly. Therefore, pet is not suitable for using of men's shampoo.
Care Pet Bathing Shampoo, extracted from essence of natural plants, is specially designed for your pets according to the nature of cat and dog's skin and hair, the pH value of which is similar to that of your pets' skin. This product can give more care to the skin and hair of your pets.

Main Features:
Extracted from essence of natural plants, Care Pet Bathing Shampoo does no harm to the skin and hair of your pets and has unique disinfection effect.

Excessively thick smell will harm the sense of smell of your pets and have impact on your pet's response. The quietly fragrant smell of Care Pet Bathing Shampoo can not only remove odor, but also protect the keen sense of smell of your pets.

Main Functions:
Possess unique disinfection function and can quickly kill ectozoa such as flea and lice.

Contain essence of traditional Chinese medicine that has special moistening and curing function on skin and hair. Hair quality can be clearly improved.

Mild formula and neutral pH value, causing no simulation to skin.

Effectively remove strange odor of skin and hair, give off pleasant flavor and do no harm to sense of smell of your pets.

Prevent from parasite-induced diseases such as itch.
通威集团 通威集团
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