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通威集团 通威集团
  Pet Cat Food
  Pet Cat Food
  Care Pet cat food is mutually researched and developed by famous professors on animal nutrition, researcher on food nutrition, veterinarians and breeding experts of notable dogs. High-quality and fresh raw materials, optimized formula and advanced production equipments and technology, all these have ensured high-quality products. All-round balanced nutrition and favorable palatability will undoubtedly live up to your cats taste.

Features of Care Pet Cat Food:
*Balanced nutrition, fully satisfying with the daily nutrition requirements for your cats
*Adequate taurine, ensuring clear eyes of your cats
*High-content saturated fatty acid, making your cats hair more shining
Smooth appearance with strong oiliness, crisp, fragrant, good palatability, and easy digestion
*Adequate cellulose, favorable to digestion and keeping normal stomach intestine function of your cats
*High nutrition density, small feeding amount, normal and little excrement
*Easy storage and fetch, safe and sanitary without any additive and with long storage life
*Selection of high quality raw materials and advanced technology, resulting in little loss of nutrition elements and easy digestion and absorption
*High quality animal protein and adequate calcareous, enabling your puppies have strong bones and sturdy muscle and keep perfect figure.
通威集团 通威集团
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