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通威集团 通威集团
  About Tongwei
>>Group Activities

Fitness program in full swing
The company organizes various fitness programs and activities. Whether it is the physical exercises during work break, or heated basketball games with other teams, or weekly physical training, we are always fully devoted to the program with great enthusiasm. We are amateurs, but we are professional in enjoying life. This is also part of our establishment.

Entertainment and Artistic Performance
September, 20th, 2003, Tongwei held a great entertainment and artistic performance in Meishan for its11th anniversary. Tongwei’s staff, Tongwei Chorus together with invited well-known artists celebrated the joyous and memorable occasion.

Trip to Mt. Sigunian
September, 20th, 2002, Tongwei organized a trip for the staff to Mt. Sigunian, the Oriental Alps, to celebrate Tongwei’s 10th anniversary.

Outward Bound for Team Work
2002, April 4th-7th, Tongwei group and Tongwei co., Ltd organized for the staff an outward bound in Beijing. The two-day training enabled the participants to fully experience the importance of team work and corporate cohesion. More importantly, the staff was inspired to work hard for the pursuit of happiness and life goals.

Study Tour to East China
May 22-27, 2001, Tongwei group organized a study tour to well-known enterprises in Shanghai, including Baosteel Group, Shanghai GM Automobile, Jinshan Telecon Bureau, and Tunnel Company. The investigation group learned from these corporations their experience of utilizing information network technology to set up learning organizations, as well as related specific practices. They also participated in seminars on successful cases of learning organizations from home and abroad. The investigation tour is fruitful. After the tour, discussions and studies were organized to air different views, concerns and suggestions on setting up learning organization at Tongwei.

Visit to the World Expo Park
September 20th, 1999, Tongwei group organized for the staff a trip to Kunming city to celebrate its seventh anniversary of establishment. They visited Yunnan Tongwei, as well as places of interests including the World Expo Park and the stone forest of Lunan. The four-day trip relaxed the staff from busy work. More importantly, it aroused their sense of belonging as a team and boosted their morale for better performance at work afterwards.

通威集团 通威集团
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