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通威集团 通威集团
  About Tongwei
>>R & D

Science & technology skills are the primary force in production. Relying on the improvement of science & technology is one of the strategies that help the group develop rapidly.

Feed R&D and Aquaculture
Early in 1984, Liu Hanyuan, president of Tongwei Enterprise Group and board chairman of Tongwei Co. Ltd., invented the technology of Canal Metal Cage Fish Farming and devoted himself to spread the technology of intensive fish farming and develop the compound feed.

Tongwei Co. Ltd. invested over 10 million RMB to build several important institutes, such as the provincial enterprise technology center, research institute, aquatic research center, Aquatic Science & Technology Co. LTD, Qinglong Fine Breeding Farm and Deyang Aquatic Fishery etc, which have long been devoted to the scientific research for improving animal's nutrition, environmental protection, intensive farming and sustainable development of the breeding production; developing best feed products. Besides they also rise & introduce fine breeds. In Tongwei aquatic research center, there is the first class modern fish farming workshop, which specializes in developing aquatic feed and non-environmental pollution & water-saving breeding. Since it was founded the center has made great achievements in breeding sturgeon, long-snout catfish, southern catfish, Chinese sucker and so on. Significant improvement is also made in developing marine breeding feed.

With strict, practical & scientific attitude, the research fellows of Tongwei have brought about great wealth to the society. Every year they finish more than 200 scientific experiments and over 200 reports. The fruitful scientific research ensures rapid development of the group. Now in developing new techniques and new products, the group has formed a complete R&D system from evaluation and research to preliminary and final experimentation, and from there on to mass production.

Pet Food R&D
* Superior Quality Combined with Both International and Domestic Strength
The Sino-British Chengdu Care Pet Food Co., Ltd is the first domestic pet food company, co-established by Tongwei Group, a large private company in China, and British E. L. I. International Holding and specially devoted to R & D, production and distribution of pet food and relevant products.

European countries, including the Great Britain, have tens of years. experience and advantages in research on pet food and pet nutrition as well as development of international market. Tongwei Group has also been boasting decade-long successful experience in research on pet nutrition and development of Chinese market. Therefore, the joint venture, in combination with the specialties and superiorities of the both parties, has been achieving fruitful results in pet feeding, product formulae and production technology and has been developing new products to satisfy with the requirements of the customers.

* Profound Technical Strength
Chengdu Care Pet Food Co., Ltd has been conducting research and development in pet food together with famous foreign and domestic professors on animal nutrition, researchers on aquatic animals and food nutrition and veterinarians. The company has set up special and modern test fields for pet dogs, cats, and ornamental fishes and has been conducting many tests including palatability and comparative analysis and feeding effect in order to deliver the market with high quality, high efficient and reliable products.

* New Products Development based on International Cooperation
Chengdu Care Pet Food Co., Ltd has established close relations as regards cooperative research and academic exchanges with British Glasgow Food Research Center, facilitating immediate knowledge about international progress on pet research, quickening up introduction of internationally advanced production facilities, technologies, process and formula for pet food and favoring new products development based on international cooperation, which has assured that care pet food will continue to have internationally high quality and can completely match with international high quality pet food.

通威集团 通威集团
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